Crosman ST-1, Unleash co2 Full-Auto BB Fury

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Experience the Thrill of Fully Automatic BB Guns with the Crosman ST-1!
Experience the Thrill of Fully Automatic BB Guns with the Crosman ST-1!
Experience the Thrill of Fully Automatic BB Guns with the Crosman ST-1!

The Crosman ST-1 Fully Automatic BB Gun for a High-Powered Plinking Experience

Are you looking for a high-powered airgun (430 fps) that can provide you with hours of backyard shooting fun? Do you want something that is comfortable to shoot, easy to use, and reliable? The Crosman ST-1 Fully Automatic BB Gun could be just the answer to your plinking needs.


This semi-automatic dual C02 gas-powered airgun is equipped with the latest technology to give you the most accurate and powerful plinking experience. It comes with a 300 round round bulk mag. Which will load 25 rounds at a time for semi or automatic. It’s also easy to reload, allowing you to get back to shooting faster. The lightweight design of the ST-1 makes it comfortable to hold and shoot for extended periods of time.


The Crosman ST-1 has a reliable and robust construction, making it a great choice for both novice and experienced airgun shooters. Unfortunately, it also has a chunky trigger, just like all the Crosman semi auto guns. This airgun will easily reduce pop cans and paper targets to a pile of metal shavings, and can be used for recreational plinking in the backyard or basement.


This futuristic blaster is designed to offer maximum performance and plinkable accuracy, making it a great choice for recreational shooting, and plinking. The ST-1 is lightweight and easy to handle, and its adjustable stock and blowback action make it a great choice for novice and experienced shooters alike. With its full-auto capabilities and adjustable options, the Crosman ST-1 is sure to be a popular choice among airgun enthusiasts.


The ST-1 is a game-changer, allowing you to convert between rifle and pistol with just a few simple steps.With an integrated high-capacity magazine, you can rest assured that you have the ammo you need to last, with a capacity of 25 rounds or over 300 BBs. The dual CO2 powerplant allows you to fire at up to 430 fps. Its tactile grip zone accentuates the futuristic white & black look, and a red dot sight is included for increased accuracy. Finally, the adjustable stock allows for a perfect fit for any shooter.


You can pick one of these up at, Travis will be happy to help you with all your airgun questions.

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