Don't Be Fooled By Its Size - Keltec's Sub2000 Pistol Calibre Carbine

Unfolding the Power of Keltec's Sub2000 Pistol Calibre Carbine

The Keltec Weapons Sub 2000 pistol calibre Carbine is one of the most versatile, lightweight and reliable firearms on the market today. This semi-automatic firearm is chambered in 9mm or 40 S&W and available in several variations - including the Gen 2 version, both with folding capability. This compact carbine is ideal for home defence, target shooting and outdoor adventures.

For starters, the Sub 2000 9mm Carbine is lightweight at just four pounds, making it easy to maneuver and manage. Also, the weapon is built to be modular and adjustable, so you can customize it to meet your individual needs. This includes an adjustable stock, a top Picatinny Rail and an integrated magazine release. I've upgraded mine with new spring kits, flat trigger, recoil reduction kit, and double finger charging handle. There's tons more to add to this if you want to; M*Carbo makes some really good accessories. 

The gun’s performance is excellent. It uses a blowback system that it simple to produce, clean and repair. The muzzle velocity is very impressive, and the accuracy is outstanding, even at longer distances. The adjustable sights are also an asset when you’re on the firing range.


Overall, the Keltec Weapons Sub 2000 9mm Carbine is a fantastic choice for anyone who needs a high quality, reliable firearm that’s compact and lightweight. It has great accuracy and good recoil control, plus the sheer amount of accessories, for unlimited upgrades.

In conclusion, the Keltec Weapons Sub 2000 9mm Carbine is an excellent choice for personal defence, target shooting and outdoor backpack adventures. If you’re looking for a light but powerful (.40 S&W) and reliable weapon, it’s one of the best options on the market.

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