Introducing my Latest Lightroom Preset Pack: Obsidian Blaze, Grey Ghost, and Emerald Shadows

Elevate your photography game with my newest collection of Lightroom presets, meticulously designed for the modern photographer who loves dark and moody aesthetics.

🍊🖤 Obsidian Blaze

Unleash the power of orange and black highlights to create a captivating atmosphere. Obsidian Blaze is perfect for adding a dramatic flair to your sunset landscapes, urban shots, and adventure photography.

 🌫️👻 Grey Ghost

Embrace the enigmatic charm of monochrome with Grey Ghost. This preset is your go-to for black and white photography, offering a rich grayscale that adds depth and emotion to every shot.

🌲🌑 Emerald Shadows

Step into a world of dark greens and deep shadows. Emerald Shadows is designed for those who love to capture the essence of nature and outdoor scenes, adding a mysterious and ethereal quality to your images.

Key Features:

  • One-click application for quick editing
  • Compatible with Adobe Lightroom Mobile & Desktop
  • Fully adjustable settings for fine-tuning
  • Instant download after purchase
Why Choose my Presets?

– Created by a professional photographer
– High-quality effects that don’t compromise image details
– Versatile presets suitable for various photography styles

Don’t miss out on transforming your photos into visual stories. Download now and experience the magic of Obsidian Blaze, Grey Ghost, and Emerald Shadows.


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