MW Armor Level IV Plates – A New Standard in Body Armor Protection

MW Armor IV Plate Armor is perfect for anyone facing serious threats. To provide a high level of protection, MW Armor manufactures Level IV Ceramic Plates. Utilizing UHMWPE, ceramic and alumina (Al2O3) in its construction, the plates provide 30% lighter weight wear compared to equivalent-sized AR500 steel plates. Leveraging an advanced construction technique, the plate is multi-hit capable and maintains its integrity after each hit. 

We tested this level IV plate at the range in Abbotsford, and found that it took multiple impacts with 5.56 Green tips without penetration, we even hit the same hole twice. This was extremely impressive, as the plate is only 5.8 lbs and is able to withstand the impacts without any perforation. We were also able to determine that the plate had limited spall, and the edges remained intact after each impact. This is a great sign of quality and durability, and we are confident that this plate could protect against most common rifle calibers. We highly recommend this plate for anyone looking for a lightweight, reliable piece of armor. 

For over 30 years, MW Armor has been proudly based in Quebec, Canada. With their commitment to providing the best ceramics available, MW Armor stands by its mission to offer dependable, trusted protection for those in public safety and military roles, as well as private security contractors. As a testament to their passion for quality, all of their products surpass the standards of body armour.

Using the latest in co-sintering technology, their Level IV Ceramic Plate is engineered to be incredibly effective against both single and multiple hits from the most common handguns and small arms – up to 30.06 M2AP. With their lightweight design and advanced construction technique, the plate armor brings maximum protection with minimal bulk and fatigue. Additionally, due to its advanced construction, this armor has a higher absorption rate than many other plates on the market.

In addition to their Level IV Ceramic Plate, MW Armor offers a selection of other products that are crafted with the same commitment to excellence. With their selection of soft amour, hard armour, and vests, MW Armor has you covered. 


For anyone facing serious threats, or just want to be safe at the range. MW Armor’s Level IV ceramic Plate Armor is a reliable and comprehensive option. Advanced construction and co-sintering technology provides lightweight protection and maximum absorption against multiple hits from small arms. And with more than three decades based in Quebec, Canada, MW Armor is a trusted name, with a mission to offer dependable, trusted protection for those who rely on it for their safety.


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