Girsan: A 9mm of Regard!

The Girsan Regard MC 9mm pistol is a reliable and beautiful handgun. Manufactured by EAA in Turkey, the Regard MC is part of the Girsan series of pistols, which offers a wide range of handguns to suit all types of shooters. The MC is full size, accurate, and ergonomically designed to offer a comfortable and intuitive shooting experience. It’s design is a clone of the Beretta 92F, but done well. I’ve added some Lok Grips to spice it up even further beyond it’s already amazing colour scheme.

One of the primary benefits of the MC is its exceptional accuracy. The pistol is equipped with a Canadian legal 4.9-inch barrel, which offers good stability during larger intervals and further accuracy when precision shooting. The gun is also outfitted with adjustable rear sights allowing shooters to fine tune their accuracy. The reliability and accuracy of the MC make it an excellent choice for target shooting and home-defence.

The Regard MC is a full-metal frame pistol, making it sturdier and longer lasting. This robust frame also adds weight to the pistol, giving it excellent recoil absorption and stability during usage. The slide features serrations at the rear, allowing for easy racking and loading, while the beavertail enables a comfortable and intuitive grip. The trigger on the Regard MC is average at best, offering a smooth pull with a low amount of creep.

The Girsan Regard MC is well equipped for customization with a wide selection of parts and accessories. The gun is also compatible with a range of magazines, allowing users to find a magazine size to suit their exact needs. The pistol also features a Picatinny rail, which enables shooters to add any light, laser, or other accessory they may require.

All of these design elements and features come together to make the Girsan Regard MC a great value choice for a wide range of shooters. From competitive and recreational shooting to home defence, the Regard MC is a highly reliable handgun capable of delivering excellent performance time after time. Highly recommended to those looking for value.

This was my first pistol, what attracted me was the price point (I didn’t have tons of spare cash at the time) and the beautiful colour. It’s been at the range with me almost every time I go. I in fact also own a Beretta 92x Performance, which is pretty top end as you can get for this design of gun. They keep up with one another for my needs surprisingly.

However, the Beretta is far more expensive and has more features. I often ask myself why I need such a high-end gun when I can just as easily shoot with my first gun. It’s not like I’m getting any better with each gun I purchase, but I’m certainly getting more comfortable. And the funny thing is, the more I shoot, the more I find myself drawn back to the same old reliable pistol. I guess it’s just one of those things – it never goes out of style.



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