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Crosman AP4 BTS

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I’m going to try and write a little more about the products I’m reviewing. Not going to go into full review in text, but maybe some BTS information that’s not included in the video reviews that I’m going to do on the product.


Right now I’m currently working on the Crosman A4-P, a miniature version of the R1, MPW, or DPMS. It’s compact as can be, hence the “-P” portion of the title, which stands for “P”istol.

It’s basically the exact same internals as all the listed guns above, but with a great new downsized frame. 

I really like this little unit, it looks great, it’s fun as can be, and it’s not a huge investment.

This photo the the right I put on Canvas, so if the mood strikes you, and you think this would look great in your office. Check out my shop and help support my passions.

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I don’t sell firearms or airguns on this website, but you can check this A4P at www.airgunsource.ca



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