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Atlas Airguns Podcast

Hello Everyone,


Recently Tristan and I connected again after sort of hiatus.  We discussed the possibility of doing a podcast together, and the idea was intriguing. We setup a rough day over my last weeks holiday, and got recording. I had been on radio before in my past as a music producer, and always found it thrill. Most of my radio visits were at 2am, or on some university radio like UBC Campus Radio. Having that ability to talk and have an open discussion is a pretty awesome feeling. 


Tristan and I covered many topics, from Maple Syrup, Our Prime Minister, FPS Rates, PAL Licenses in Canada, and many other topics. It’s a lengthy listen at just over an hour, but if you’re doing something and like to have some background… podcasts are a great thing.



Northern Ballistics w/Jason


It was really fun, and I hope to do more of these in the future. If you’ve got a podcast, hit me up in the DMs or use the contact form here on the website. Thanks for stopping by the website, be sure to check around the site for some photos, videos, my shop with some Canvas prints, etc.


Have a great day,


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